A few tips to improve your mood during the winter months

Boosting your morale in the winter
WATCH ABOVE: Registered dietitian Claudine Larivière joins Global’s Laura Casella in studio with tips and strategies to boost your morale during the winter months.

If you’re feeling as though you might be less productive during the winter season, it may not be a coincidence.

According to one nutritionist, the lack of sunlight can have an impact on how you feel.

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“Sunlight really has an impact on our mood,” said Claudine Larivière, clinical and sports nutritionist.

“It’s not there, so we’re really not feeling at the top of our game.”

She’s suggesting a few ways to improve your mood while the temperatures dip: eat colourful foods, make use of frozen fruits and vegetables and use supplements.

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“The more colours you have in your plate, the more nutrients you’ll get,” Larivière said.

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“When you actually go for frozen fruits and vegetables, they’re more mature, they’re full of nutrients and so, they are much more nutritious.”

“Supplementing is not a bad thing at all because we don’t have the quality of foods we used to have.”

Larivière proposes using a juicer to consume fruits and vegetables as a different way to make sure your body is getting enough nutrition.

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“You’re going to get rid of the fibre,” she said.

“You’re not getting all the benefits, but it’s very colorful, it’s very bright and your body will love it. It will absorb all the nutrients.”