Residents say parking in DDO is confusing

No parking signs on Whiteoak Street in DDO. Global News

Want to park in Dollard? Good luck trying to decipher when it’s legal.

The street signs on Whiteoak and Andras can be very confusing. In many cases, three signs appear on the same post – all with time bands. Sometimes you can’t park overnight, but that depends on the season. Or you can’t park during the day on a weekday, but that depends on which side of the street you’re on. How about the weekend? Perhaps, but that depends on the season and time of day and which side of the street you’re on.

Residents say it doesn’t make any sense.

“Well they should change signs and make it clear for people,” one DDO resident told Global News.

Now, the city is in the process of changing the signs. However, as the new ones go up the old ones haven’t been taken down and the residents aren’t being informed.

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“At least address the public,” resident Chris Ligety told Global News.

City officials are promising to not write any new parking tickets while it changes the signs. It’s a process that could last until the middle of next week.

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