Emerson urging drivers to avoid Highway 75 near US border

Poor visibility on Highway 75 Tuesday morning. Global News

The winter storm hovering over southern Manitoba has created treacherous driving conditions on several highways.

South of the border Interstate 29 has been shut down from the Canadian border to Fargo.

When the route shuts down it can cause travellers to back up in the small town in Emerson.

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The community’s emergency coordinator said when this has happened in the past the town can see upwards of 300 more people, a roughly 50 per cent jump in the community’s population.

“We will fill up the hotel and motel with stranded travellers and then we will open the community complex,” said Bill Spanjer, who is with the RM of Emerson and Franklin.

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But he is optimistic he won’t have to open the community centre during this closure.

“I am hoping not,” he told Global News. “Fortunately it is a Tuesday so the traffic is lighter.”

The National Weather Service in the United States reported 27 centimetres of snow has fallen in Grand Forks between 7 p.m. Monday and 6 a.m Tuesday.

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