Teen who recently aged out of government care found dead in Surrey tent

Teen tragedy angers new child watchdog
BC's new children's watchdog says it's not hard to be shocked and outraged at the death in a tent of a 19-year-old girl who had just "aged out" of government c care. Jill Bennett has more.

A teenager who recently aged out of government care has been found dead in Surrey.

The Representative for Children and Youth, Bernard Richard, says the 19-year-old aboriginal girl was found in a tent in a wooded area popular with the homeless.

Toxicology reports will determine if the death was drug or alcohol-related.

“These are circumstances that are troubling for any British Columbian I’m sure,” Richard told CKNW. “It’s hard not to be shocked and outraged by this kind of senseless death of a young person, and particularly when it involves children who have been in care.”

Richard adds that it’s time to re-think support for teens who are leaving government care and provide more service to help them through the transition period.


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