What happens to your body when you get the flu, step by step

Click to play video: 'Health warning: potentially deadly flu season'
Health warning: potentially deadly flu season
Health officials are advising everyone to get a flu shot. This year's strain is expected to be a bad one. – Oct 26, 2016

You have a fever, chills and an itchy, sore throat. Your body aches, your nose is running and you can’t get out of bed. Flu viruses are germs you don’t want to mess with.

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“It’s just the worst, it’s so bad. It knocks you on your back and you feel terrible, lying on the couch feeling sorry for yourself,” Jason Tetro, microbiologist and author of The Germ Files, told Global News.

There’s a hallmark sign of the flu so you’ll know you’ve caught it, said Dr. Gerald Evans, chief of infectious diseases at Kingston General Hospital.

“It’s a classic thing. Patients always say, ‘I was feeling fine but I remember at 9 p.m. I suddenly felt sick.’ It’s a rapid onset with sudden symptoms,” Evans explained.

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Step by step, here are the different stages the flu virus takes you through:

(Infographic designed by Janet Cordahi/Global News)

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