Bull calf captured after rush hour ruckus

WATCH ABOVE: Well if you didn't know Agribition started there may have been signs on your morning commute. A bull escaped from its handler in the early hours -prompting a wild-bull chase. Christa Dao with more on the livestock liberation..

You heard the term “moose on the loose” but in Regina drivers saw a different kind of animal on the loose Tuesday morning.

A black Angus bull escaped the Agribition grounds and was seen running across Dewdney Ave and the Lewvan during Tuesday’s morning rush hour traffic at around 8 a.m. CST.

According to Canadian Western Agribition CEO Chris Lane, the bull was out for a morning walk in an outdoor pen with its handler when it got startled and bolted.

“The metal was crashing together on the gates and it spooked the animal a bit and he took off,” Lane said.

“He found an open gate. The gates are open as people do come in and out at that time, and went for a walk down the street.”

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The Angus bull eventually made its way into a residential neighborhood where farmers were able to finally corral the cow and bring it back to the Agribition grounds.

During the incident, students at nearby Walker Elementary School were forced indoors early. Stacy Routledge has a daughter that attends the school.

“It’s a little bit crazy, you don’t see bulls in the city,” Routledge said.

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“The kids were pretty excited actually to see the bull running around the school yard,” she said.

Her daughter on the other hand was frightened by the bovine.

“She’s pretty sad and shaken up. She even gave me a big hug and said she was scared but I think she’ll be okay for the rest of the day,” Routledge said.

The entire chase lasted about 30 minutes. Lane said his team did follow the correct protocols.

“What was supposed to happen, did happen. I don’t think anybody was in any real danger, probably more of a distraction than a danger but it’s certainly something that we would rather not have happen,” he said.

“More of the trotting of the bulls today.”

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Police were also on scene controlling traffic while the bull was captured.