Avalanche Canada tweaks website to offer more information

One skier died in an avalanche west of Lake Louise Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016. Courtesy, Parks Canada

Avalanche Canada has modified its website to include even more data for backcountry users.

Daily forecasts for the 12 regions across Western Canada began Monday.

One of the changes includes a new forecast area along the South Coast regions to separate the warmer, lower mountains of the Sea-to-Sky region from the higher, colder mountains that often experience very different conditions.

Avalanche Canada has also added a pilot project called Hot Zone Reports. These reports will offer information on avalanche conditions and general risk management advice for particular areas. The reports will come from observations from recreational users as well as data from weather stations and computer models of the snowpack.

Finally, remote weather stations will offer detailed data on snowfall, air temperature, wind speed, wind direction and relative humidity.

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