Facebook photo suggests self-cleaning bathroom in downtown Lethbridge is not always so clean

A Facebook user posted a picture of downtown Lethbridge's self-cleaning washroom, looking dirty. CREDIT: Facebook

A new self-cleaning bathroom in Lethbridge is already going down the toilet, at least according to one person who claims to have a photo that proves it.

A picture of the washroom was posted on the Lethbridge Roast and Toast Facebook page over the weekend, claiming the new self-cleaning bathroom downtown was disgusting.

The poster, who asked not to be identified, posted a photo of a bathroom which shows what appears to be a diaper-changing station with some type of smear on it. The post attracted dozens of comments.

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The city said it has not received any calls about the washroom being dirty, but if it is, they would like to hear from the public.

“It’s certainly better to have a direct communication with the city … we will double check to make sure we have that contact information available if someone does have an incident they would like to report, we would like to make sure we are able to attend to it as soon as possible,” George Kuhl, planning initiatives manager with the City of Lethbridge, said.

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The bathroom was built in September and the city says the public has mostly responded well to it.

On Saturday, Coun. Rob Miyashiro sent out a tweet, saying the Ability Resource Centre gave it a big thumbs up.

City officials say the bathroom is maintained daily by the Downtown Business Revitalization Zone’s clean sweep program.

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