80% of Canadians fear a Donald Trump presidency: poll

October is supposed to the scariest month of the year, but for the majority of Canadians, November might be a real nightmare.

A recent poll suggests four out of five Canadians are fearful of a Donald Trump presidency, and with election polls tightening up as Nov. 8 approaches, those fears could become reality.

Insights West‘s national online survey found 80 per cent of Canadians believe it would be “bad” for Canada if Trump won the election.

The company began tracking Canadians’ feelings toward Trump in August 2015, and it says this poll shows the highest level of fear so far.

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Fears of a Hillary Clinton presidency have also increased in this time period, moving from 20 per cent of people saying she would be “bad” for Canada in August 2015 to 34 per cent today.

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The most anti-Trump sentiments are found in B.C. and among women, according to the poll. In the western province, 89 per cent of people reported they believe Trump would either be “bad” or “very bad” for Canada.

A Vancouver Canucks fan displays how he feels about Donald Trump during a March 16, 2016 game at Rogers Arena.
A Vancouver Canucks fan displays how he feels about Donald Trump during a March 16, 2016 game at Rogers Arena. Jeff Vinnick / Getty Images

On the Democratic side, feelings toward a Hillary Clinton presidency weren’t incredibly positive either.

In Ontario, 44 per cent of people reported Clinton would be bad for Canada. Albertans were the second most likely to dislike Clinton at 42 per cent. Across the country, an average of 34 per cent of Canadians feared a Clinton presidency.

Just under half of Canadians in the poll (42 per cent) supported Clinton, with most of those in favour residing in Quebec.

Despite being mostly unpopular in Canada, Trump did have his supporters in the survey.

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Sixteen per cent in Ontario and 14 per cent in Quebec said they believed Trump would be “good” or “very good” for Canada.

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“The level of engagement of Canadians during this year’s presidential campaign in the United States has been extraordinary,” said Mario Canseco, vice president of public affairs at Insights West.

“This is one of the reasons for the low number of Canadians who hold no opinion on either of the two main presidential nominees.”

While Americans have five days left to make up their minds about who will take the White House, it seems Canadians have already made up their’s.

View some of the results in an interactive map below:

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The Insights West poll is based on an online study conducted from Oct. 24 to Oct. 26, 2016, among a representative sample of 1,005 Canadian adults. The data has been statistically weighted according to Canadian census figures for age, gender and region. The survey has a margin of error of +/1 3.1 percentage points.