Hillary Clinton tops Donald Trump in Google searches following FBI announcement

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On October 28th at 2 p.m. ET, the number of people searching ‘Hillary Clinton’ on Google spiked. Of course that ties in with the news the FBI was once again looking into Clinton’s handling of emails while secretary of state.

Since that spike, Clinton has seen more search activity on Google than Donald Trump which bucks the trend of the Republican nominee dominating search activity for pretty much the whole past year. The one other exception is on Sept. 12, 2016, which was around the time of Clinton’s fainting/pneumonia incident which was caught on camera.

After the first presidential debate, Clinton was searched more than Trump in every state south of the border, a trend which was reversed after the second and third debate.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Google Trends issued a tweet saying Clinton was searched in more states than Trump.

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Now all of this amounts to zero in the win column either way. Perhaps more telling is what election issues are hot topics amongst Americans.

The five most-searched election topics over the past week were: Immigration, Abortion, Gun control, the Economy and ‘ISIS’, according to Google trends.

To make things even more interesting is where each topic was a hot-button issue.

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Immigration was the number-one searched election topic in Nevada and New York, whereas abortion and the economy dominated most of the map.

Unsurprisingly, traditional Republican strongholds such as Mississippi and Montana were focussed on abortion whereas California, Texas and most of the Eastern Seaboard were focussed on the economy.

Gun control did not lead in any one state, however, ISIS topped the charts in Iowa.