Fans reminisce ahead of final Riders game at old Mosaic Stadium

WATCH ABOVE: Tomorrow will be the very last Riders game at Taylor Field. Fans are beyond excited and celebrations will begin early and end with fireworks after the game. Krista Sharpe takes one last look at what it means for fans.

It’s the last call for old Mosaic football and people are sharing their stories.

Saturday is the Riders last game at Taylor Field and fans are getting ready for the end of an era.

Former Regina mayor, Pat Fiacco, and his daughter, Melissa Fiacco, visited the stadium on Friday and recalled all the different sections they have sat in. The eastside is where they currently hold seasons tickets.

“One of our friends, brings this huge jar of pickled eggs, and flicks them out to everybody and everyone catches their pickled egg and eats it,” Pat said when he spoke about recent Labour Day Classics.

Melissa said games at Taylor Field are intertwined with family memories.

“My youngest brother and I wanted to bring our middle brother to a Rider game just the three of us before he became a father…. We played against the Montreal Alouettes and we won the game, and my niece was born hours later,” Melissa said.

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From seating plans, to security guards, everyone will be affected by the stadium change.

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“Kind of sad, it is sad, it’s something I’ve been doing for the last three years, something I love doing,” Jerry Holstein, a Mosaic Stadium gate six security guard, said.

The Wall family, who are from Manitoba, packed up the kids and made the drive for the final game.

“Yeah, we took the day off school because it’s the last game at the stadium, and why not come here for a road trip for the weekend,” Jason Wall said as the family were taking photos of the field Friday afternoon.

Casey O’Hara and his mom Karen travelled from Chatham, Ont. for their first and last game at Mosaic Stadium.

The pair became Riders fans when Andy Fantuz, a Chatham native, was drafted. Despite a trade, the Riders remained their favourite team. Until Saturday, they had only watched on television.

“We’ve always heard and seen the scene of green, but I want to be a part of it,” -was this Casey or Karen?

For locals, Taylor Field is a stadium full of memories, that will never fade away.

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“The big one they say is the Grey Cup here, but for coming that long, I can’t even think of how many memories I have,” Wayne Smith, a 60-year ticket holder, said.

“This experience here, there’s nothing like it. and what were going to be doing now is transferring it from here. We’re not going to forget it. We’re just going to be moving it over to the new Mosaic Stadium,” Pat said.

“It’s going to be a sad farewell…but I think it’s time. This ‘ol girl needs to rest,” Melissa added.