Alberta oil spill covers size of 5 football fields in marshland near Fox Creek

Credit: Trilogy Energy

Trilogy Energy says the pipeline leak it discovered late last week in north central Alberta has covered an area about three hectares in size with oil emulsion. That’s about the size of five CFL football fields.

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In an update posted to its website late Tuesday, the Calgary-based oil and gas producer says it still doesn’t know the volume of the spill into marshland about 15 kilometres from Fox Creek.

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The posting says that company president John Williams and other managers travelled to the remote scene Tuesday to meet with the cleanup team and assess the extent of the spill.

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It says the pipeline has been shut down and purged. Staff on site include environmental and wildlife specialists working with representatives of the Alberta Energy Regulator.

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The AER said last week that the oil emulsion that leaked is about 50 per cent water and 50 per cent oil.

Editor’s note: In the original story published Oct. 12, The Canadian Press reported the spill, which spanned three hectares, was the size of four football fields. In fact, the spill was the size of five CFL fields.

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