Alberta’s energy watchdog responds to crude oil pipeline leak in central Alberta

Credit: Trilogy Energy

Alberta’s energy watchdog is responding to a crude oil pipeline leak in the Kaybob area of central Alberta.

The Alberta Energy Regulator says on its website that Trilogy Energy Corp. contacted them to report that oil emulsion was found in a flowing marsh that is non-fish bearing.

The regulator says the oil emulsion ratio is 50 per cent water and 50 per cent oil, but they don’t know how much leaked in the area.

An environmental contractor is also on site and started containment, delineation and sampling activities.

In a statement Friday, Trilogy Energy Corp. says the leak was discovered Thursday afternoon in one of its crude oil pipelines within its Kaybob Montney Oil Development, about 15 kilometres from Fox Creek, Alta.

The company says production from the pipeline has been redirected and there were no injuries due to the incident.

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