Edmonton’s Muslim community hands out candy in response to hate flyers

Click to play video 'Edmonton Muslim community spreads love on Thanksgiving' Edmonton Muslim community spreads love on Thanksgiving
WATCH ABOVE: After racist posters were distributed in the Richfield neighbourhood in southwest Edmonton last week - local Muslims wanted to set the record straight - and spread love - instead of hate this Thanksgiving. Sarah Kraus reports – Oct 10, 2016

Members of the Muslim community met Thanksgiving Monday morning to hand out candy in the same neighbourhood where anti-Islamic flyers were circulated last week.

Members had bags of candy with a message attached, showing appreciation and solidarity for the community of Mill Woods.

“On this day, we give thanks that we live together in an amazing community in peace and harmony. Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous holiday. Sincerely, Your Muslim Neighbour,” the message read.

“We’re kind of changing the narrative and turning hatred to love and peace and give thanks to a community, such a diverse community, in peace and harmony,” Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council communications vice president Aurangzeb Qureshi said.

The community was in a state of shock when several posters were found in the mailboxes of Mill Woods residents that stated “#BanIslam”, along with other hateful messages targeted towards the religious community.

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According to Qureshi, there was a lot of concern, not only from the Muslim community, but from the community at large.

“I mean this is not just a Muslim issue. The same shock, the same awe, the same concern came from the non-Muslim community as well,” Qureshi said.

“I think they understand that, you know, these are Canadian values of multiculturalism, diversity and tolerance, inclusion. I think that that type of united response means a lot to us as Muslims and I think it speaks volumes to Canada.”

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Members, which were a mix of men, women and children, knocked on the doors of Mill Woods’ residents and handed them candy or left the bags in their mailboxes.

Members of the Muslim community handed out candy in response to hate posters that were circulated in the Mill Woods area last week.
Members of the Muslim community handed out candy in response to hate posters that were circulated in the Mill Woods area last week. Global News
“I hope [the rest of the community] follow in line, especially coming to this time of the year, I mean why not? It’s a good show of faith and community harmony. That’s what I like,” community member Gerald Johns said.
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Johns was also interviewed by Global News last week when he initially discovered the flyer in his mailbox.

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“It’s been an unfortunate occurrence that we have seen. Our neighbours have really stood by us on that, thank you so much for that. We want you to know the fact that we will stand by you as well, so thank you” President of AMPAC, Faisal Suri said.