Winnipeg: Cooler than you think

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Winnipeg: Cooler than you think
Winnipeg: Cooler than you think – Sep 28, 2016

WINNIPEG — It’s a slogan that Enver Naidoo thought Winnipeggers would get.

The entrepreneur originally from South Africa loves Winnipeg and wants to see that pride matched by locals and shared with the world. But unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to sell our city.

“I think it’s a combination of visitors not understanding what Winnipeg has to offer but also as locals, we don’t always get out of our comfort zone to experience Winnipeg,” Naidoo said.

Buttons, bags and shirts with the slogan are for sale – but what he really wants, is for Winnipegers to buy into the message.

“Maybe change that internal dialogue, if we all actually think that Winnipeg is cool,” Naidoo said.

Naidoo isn’t the only one trying to engage Winnipeggers to have more civic pride. Clinic Psychology Manitoba has recently launched a campaign called WinnLove, which ultimately aims to improve mental health.

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“We wanted to address the psychology of civic pride because we feel that has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves,” Dr. Rehman Abdulrehman explained.

The new website has different tips like ‘be a good neighbour,’ encouraging people to share their positive experiences in the city on social media.

“They’re small things, but they will help people feel better about themselves, engage in the community and feel better about where they live,” Dr. Abdulrehman said.

Hoping to get more people finding and sharing Winnipeg’s gems.

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