McGill University preparing students with training video in case of a school shooting

Click to play video: 'McGill University shooting training video'
McGill University shooting training video
WATCH ABOVE: McGill University wants its students and faculty members to be prepared in case of an active-shooter situation on campus. A new training video posted on the university's YouTube channel is meant to do just that. Kelly Greig reports. WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS THAT MAY BE DISTURBING TO SOME VIEWERS – Sep 12, 2016

McGill University’s newest educational video is for training on what to do if an active shooter comes onto campus.

The video was sent to staff and posted on the Montreal university’s YouTube page.

McGill’s deputy provost Ollivier Dyens says it’s necessary to show exactly what might happen in this situation, even if it is shocking.

“It’s not a bad thing that the video shows things that are dramatic. To show these things happen, react the right way.”

The video starts with a shooter preparing a weapon.

It shows students and staff evacuating and barricading themselves in hiding spots and in the worst-case scenario; trying to disarm the attacker.

Dyens says McGill wants to be prepared because it’s happened in Montreal before.

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“It has happened in the past in Montreal. It happens unfortunately quite frequently in the USA. We just want our community to be ready,” he said.

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A reminder of Montreal’s violent history is coming up next week.

On Tuesday it will be the 10th anniversary of the Dawson shooting.

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Students at McGill say it’s something they are aware of now.

“You can’t really picture what to do,” Jade Robillard, a nursing student, said. “We see it on the news in the US and we’ve had an experience at Dawson as well.”

The university is encouraging professors to show the video in class.

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McGill isn’t the first Canadian university to use a training video for this situation. The school bought their video from the University of Alberta.

Students Global News spoke to say while it’s not something they like to think about, they’d rather be prepared.

“It’s relevant because when situations like this happen we don’t know how to react,” Debbie Alfred, a religious studies student, said. “It’s a way to warn them.”

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