PostSecret creator Frank Warren offers his secrets to success

Frank Warren, creator of PostSecret, will be in Calgary on Tuesday. Frank Warren/ PostSecret

If you haven’t already shared your own secret – you may have at least heard of PostSecret.

Created in 2004 – as a platform for people to share anonymously about their lives – it’s become an Internet sensation.

The project’s creator Frank Warren will speak to students at Mount Royal University in Calgary on Tuesday. He shared some of the secrets to his success ahead of the event.

Warren told Global News there is “no better time” for Canadian entrepreneurs to turn their idea into an online venture. The key is hard work.

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“Over the course of your lifetime, you could have dozens of ideas. Any one of them could be a great success,” said Warren. “Not all of us are willing to put in the effort to finally grow that seed to where it can bear fruit.”

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“PostSecret was a simple blog 12 years ago and without any funding whatsoever it reached millions of people.”

PostSecret has undoubtedly been a huge success for Warren. It has earned five Webby Awards for best Internet blog – and Warren a nod from Forbes Magazine.

PostSecret has become an internet sensation since its inception in 2004.
PostSecret has become an internet sensation since its inception in 2004.

Warren attributed some of that success to the failed projects that preceded PostSecret.

“I would say what was critical for me was managing failure, not hiding from it,” he said. “When you have failures its important to look at it honestly in order to understand your own shortcomings. “

“Some of the most valuable ideas, the best ideas, are the one’s that nobody understands.”

One last piece of advice from Warren is to get in touch with the people that inspire you.

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“Sometimes it’s surprising how easy it is to share your idea and get a response back from someone you admire,” he said.

He said people are often very generous with their time, and happy to help.

PostSecret Live! is scheduled for Tuesday at Mount Royal University’s Triple gym at 10:15 a.m.

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