Donations pour in to Pierrefonds daycare to help replace missing toys

Pierrefonds daycare toy donations
WATCH ABOVE: Pierrefonds residents have donated enough toys to replace those that disappeared from Sunnyside Daycare. Global's Eric Cohen reports.

The missing toys from Sunnyside Daycare in Pierrefonds-Roxboro have been mostly replaced by donations.

“I’m happy about the new toys,” said three-year-old Abi.

“I’d like to say thank you for the new toys.”

Her parents were one of many in the community who donated toys to replace those that went missing.

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Daycare director Stefani Ilkic said she was shocked when the outdoor toys vanished over the weekend.

“I was hurt,” she said.

“But I have trouble believing someone would knowingly steal from a daycare – I know there are bad people, but it’s hard for me to believe it.”

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Ilkic had moved the toys over the weekend to redo the lawn.

She thinks someone might have taken the toys, thinking they were meant for the trash – at least, that’s how she explains it to the kids.

“We don’t tell the kids there are bad people, we tell them that people make bad choices,” she told Global News.

“So, we’ve been talking about how maybe somebody didn’t realize it belonged to us.”

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It was very disappointing for the kids, but there was good news the following day, when the missing items began to be replaced.

“I’m really happy about the new stuff,” five-year-old Youssef told Global News.

The donations came pouring in after Ilkic posted about her situation on Facebook.

“Some are coming from parents here, but some are coming from people I’ve never even met in the community,” she said.

“The Facebook post I put out got so many shares, I think like 100 shares, which is a lot for a small daycare page.”

Employees at the daycare have also been moved by the outpouring.

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“That is absolutely wonderful, because it’s great to give back and the kids will love it and we will just move forward,” said Nancy Keenan, a worker at the daycare.

It’s been inspiring for Ilkic as well.

“It really did show me how supportive the community can be around here,” she said.

Sun Youth has also contacted the daycare to offer help.

It is yet another reason for Sunnyside Daycare to rejoice in feeling supported by the larger community.