Chihuahua breaks legs at Kelowna dog daycare

Click to play video: 'Chihuahua dropped at Kelowna dog daycare breaks both front legs'
Chihuahua dropped at Kelowna dog daycare breaks both front legs
Chihuahua dropped at Kelowna dog daycare breaks both front legs – Sep 7, 2016

Many dog owners would do anything for their fur babies. That’s the case for 22-year-old Camille Craig and her two-year-old, four pound Chihuahua, Finley Norman.

This past April, Craig brought Finley to a dog daycare in Kelowna, which he had been going to since he was three months old. But about 20 minutes after she dropped him off, she received what she called a horrifying phone call.

According to Craig, a new worker at the dog daycare picked up Finley to take him to the dog playroom, but, “somehow lost her hold on him and he hit the ground.”

The impact broke both of Finley’s front legs.

The estimate for surgery: $6,500.

The accident happened at Watson’s Hound Lounge in Kelowna.
The accident happened at Watson’s Hound Lounge in Kelowna.

“It’s a really unfortunate accident,” said Watson’s Hound Lounge owner Laura Vigar. “We obviously care about our clients and their dogs and want to provide the best care for them while they’re here.”

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Even though the accident happened while Finley was in the care of a dog daycare, Craig is on the hook for the bill.

Craig had signed a waiver stating the daycare isn’t liable for accidents. While Watson’s Hound Lounge does have insurance, it doesn’t cover accidents like this one.

Global News independently verified with a broker that while insurance is mandatory for dog daycare facilities, not all insurance covers pet injuries while dogs are in care.

Vigar said she feels awful about the accident and the daycare did give Craig $2,500 towards the veterinary bills.

At first Craig opted to splint Finley’s legs in hopes they would heal on their own. But after a few months, surgery was deemed the only option.

“It’s heartbreaking to see a once active and lively boy, now unable to walk,” said Craig.

A second surgery estimate was a bit lower, $4,550, and Craig also shelled out an additional $2,400 to care for Finley between the accident and surgery.

Dr. Marco Veenis of Okanagan Veterinary Hospital performed Finley’s surgery. He said injuries like this aren’t uncommon for toy dog breeds.

“At this moment things are looking good but Finley’s not out of the woods yet,” said Dr. Veenis.

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Roughly $1,800 was raises through a GoFundMe account, but the bills have continued to pile up for the recent college graduate.

“There are also future costs of rehab and check-ups totaling the $4,500 that we are working towards,” said Craig.


Finely is well on his way to recovery. One of his casts has been removed and the other is expected to be off next week.

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