Saskatchewan work zone speeding still an issue, 113 drivers ticketed in July

Police ticket 113 drivers for speeding in Saskatchewan work zones, another 261 for drivers passing emergency vehicles and tow trucks during July blitz. File / Global News

Police handed out 113 tickets last month to drivers speeding through Saskatchewan construction zones.

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) reported that those were some of the 5,451 tickets handed out during July’s traffic safety blitz that focused on speeding in work zones along with aggressive driving.

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Six of those tickets were for speeding in a construction zone while a flag person was present and three for failing to obey a flag person or peace officer.

Police also ticketed 261 drivers for going faster than 60 km/h when they were passing emergency vehicles and tow trucks that had lights activated.

SGI officials said speeding in construction zones increases risks to workers, and traffic can slow or stop suddenly due to road hazards.

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Police also charged 338 drivers for impaired driving offences, issued 318 tickets for distracted driving, including 185 for using a cell phone, and 447 tickets for seat belt or booster seat violations.

Officials said the speeding numbers don’t include tickets issued through photo radar.

SGI is reminding drivers of the following tips to ensure all road users are safe when travelling through construction zones:

  • Slow to 60 km/h in highway work zones or the posted speed limit in municipal work zones.;
  • Follow the directions of work zone signs at all times;
  • Avoid distractions and be alert for workers, equipment and other hazards;
  • Plan your route ahead of time to avoid work zones or allow extra travel time;
  • Posted speed limits are in effect even when workers are not present – there could be a sharp drop-off or rough road surface; and
  • Drive with courtesy and patience for all drivers and workers.

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