WATCH: Star Wars fanboys build working speeder bike

Star Wars fans build working speeder bike
WATCH ABOVE: A small group of volunteers from Wisconsin have created a functioning motorcycle modelled on the speeder bike from the Star Wars films.

Motorcycle builders in Suamico, Wisc., have created a working speeder bike that has likely made a lot of Star Wars fans very jealous.

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Video posted online earlier this month shows the bike’s engineers from Vintage Works test driving their new creation.

The bike doesn’t exactly hover like the one in Return of the Jedi, but its designers did give it movements that mimic the fictional speeder and a custom sound system to re-create sound effects from the film.

The bike, which took nine months to build, also has elements referencing other Star Wars symbols, including an imperial cog, TIE fighters on the shocks, and a Darth Vader mouthpiece on the wheel.

Paul Nelson owns Vintage Works and told Reuters that he “just wanted to create something that is cool and real, and maybe inspire some people to start projects of their own.”

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The video has received more than 80,000 views since being posted on social media.