Denis Leary revisits his song ‘A**hole,’ dedicates it to Donald Trump

WATCH: Denis Leary and James Corden perform 'A**hole.'

Denis Leary revisited his 1993 hit song A**hole, on The Late Late Show With James Corden, and he put a contemporary spin on it by dedicating it to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. (Leary dressed up like former U.S. president Bill Clinton for the bit.)

Host James Corden joined Leary in song, wearing his best Hillary Clinton outfit.

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When the song was originally released in 1993, it was avant-garde (such open swearing), it was catchy (it’ll get stuck in your head), and it put forth all the stereotypes of the white American male for mockery.

It’s apropos, then, that the song is rejigged to poke fun at Trump, who is the epitome of today’s rich, white American male. Leary and Corden have a ball with the song, yelling “A**hole” gleefully for several minutes. (Just like in 1993, the word “a**hole” is still censored on primetime TV.)

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Among the targets in the revamped song are Trump’s plans for a Mexican border wall, Trump University, his pleas to Russia to find Clinton’s deleted emails, and his uncomfortable comments about his daughter, Ivanka.

(To help jog your memory, here’s the original version of A**hole. Warning: it is uncensored.)

You can watch the video, above.

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