Tales of a bad first date, or two…

First dates can be hit or miss, generally more miss then hit, and here are some tales of ones that would make a great story to tell at a party.

It’s doesn’t matter what era you have lived in, or live in, the first date can feel like a walk through a minefield…one wrong step, and you’re done.

Which is why the dating game is so interesting.

“Life is simple, but people are complicated,” Jill Carter with Modernpursuit Matchmaking said.

When you see couples, you are seeing people who were able to survive date number one – which is not an easy thing to do.

Experts say you’ll suffer a few mistakes before you get a hit, or find the “right one.”

“Typically,on average, about four or five,” Carter said.

And the “misses” come about because of the deal breakers.

The Global Newsroom shared a few of their deal breakers which included anything from rudeness, to wandering eyes, and even bad breath.

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Everybody has something they won’t tolerate.

Another first date no-no? Talking about exes.

“Don’t even go there with the exes,” Carter said. “I mean you’re going to get to it eventually if you start dating.”

Something else that could be considered a deal breaker is cell phone use during a date.

But in some cases it can also work as a dating escape pod, when a friend calls with a fake emergency to save you from a horrible date.

And in some cases that emergency phone call could have prevented a dating disaster.

A Global News producer wishes she had a cell phone to save her after her date farted loudly while trying to kiss her.

And if you’re wondering if he never got a second date…the answer is no.

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