Stolen gnome returned to B.C. home with album full of adventures

Garden gnome returns home to B.C. after adventure abroad
WATCH: When a Victoria woman's garden gnome disappeared she was sure she'd never see it again. Then last Monday it was suddenly back, after 8 months away. As Kylie Stanton reports, the garden ornament came home with tales of an adventure.

A B.C. woman is happy that her stolen gnome has returned to her garden. But “Leopold” didn’t come back home before having some adventures of his own.

Bev York was in her garden eight months ago when she realized her gnome had been stolen.

She didn’t think much of it until this week, when her gnome re-appeared outside her home with an album full of pictures of his travels.

“I saw a motor home toddle along… and I thought to myself, ‘there’s got to be more to life than standing knee-deep in rain water, being peed on by the neighbourhood dogs and staring at the same view every single day’ so I hoped on,” read the first entry on his album.

And that’s when Leopold’s adventure took off.

The album includes pictures of him drinking margaritas on a Mexican beach, hiking through the Grand Canyon, and visiting dozens of places along the way.

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York says she still has no idea who took Leopold on his adventure, but she says she’s glad he’s back.

“It’s a sweet story,” York said.

– With files from Kylie Stanton