British couple looking for donations to fund ‘self-sufficient’ lifestyle in Costa Rica

Matt, Adele, Ulysses and Ostara Allen.
Matt, Adele, Ulysses and Ostara Allen. Barcroft TV, Youtube

A British couple with an “off-grid” approach to parenting want to make their dream of living away from “the system” come true and are asking other people to help pay for it.

Matt and Adele Allen from Brighton, U.K.,  want to move to Costa Rica with their two children, five-year-old Ulysess and one-year-old Ostara, to start what they call a “self-sufficient” way of life.

“We are inspired … to create a business, home and lifestyle which can show people that they don’t have to comply to the constraints of ‘the system,’” the couple wrote on

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The family is asking for £100,000 (around $173,000) which would be used for travel and for buying land in Costa Rica. As of Thursday afternoon, only £245  have been donated.

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“Our ultimate goal is to become self – sufficient, the way of making that happen is by moving to Costa Rica and buying a big plot of land where we can grow food, and have access to wildlife and nature in it’s [sic] natural state,”

On the website, they don’t say how they will be self-sufficient. But they detail their alternative parenting style which includes allowing their children to pick their own bedtimes.

Adele still feeds both children breastmilk, because they say it is a “great supplement, not just for infants,” and their older child “can decide when he wants to stop breastfeeding.”

They also refuse modern medicine, saying they use “lemon water if [they] have a cold and breastmilk is [their] cure for an eye infection!” Neither child has been vaccinated.

As for school?

“Education is important but  we don’t think we should be pushing traditional learning on the kids at a young age. We will eventually start to home school him rather than mainstream school,” the couple writes.

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When asked about their lifestyle by the Daily Mail, Adele admitted they have seen criticism from many people.

“My mother has always been very supportive of us as a couple, helping us out over the years, but lately we have agreed to disagree over the way we are bringing up our children,” she said.

“We accept other people’s choices and do not judge them, so why judge us?” Matt told the newspaper.