Teen charged in animal abuse case, puppy recovering in Winnipeg veterinary hospital

Asha is now recovering at a Winnipeg veterinary hospital. Talia Ricci, Global News

The dog rescued from a central Manitoba town after a disturbing case of animal cruelty is now able to stand.

Click to play video: 'Puppy harmed in animal cruelty case now on the mend' Puppy harmed in animal cruelty case now on the mend
Puppy harmed in animal cruelty case now on the mend – Jul 28, 2016

Manitoba Underdogs Rescue says Asha arrived at a Winnipeg veterinary hospital at 1:00 a.m. Thursday.

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“Even though her back legs weren’t moving, she could wiggle her tail, which means damage to her spine is probably minimal,” Lindsay Gillanders said. “We do suspect she has a pelvic fracture and she isn’t putting weight on her front right paw.”

Gillanders is the media coordinator with Manitoba Underdogs and says the young puppy is loving the attention and is doing well.

Asha captured the hearts of thousands who watched a disturbing video posted to social media sites.  It shows the young puppy being hurled through the air before it lands, howling, on the pavement.  It was taken in Easterville, a central Manitoba town about five hours north of Winnipeg.

An 18 year-old was arrested Wednesday, on Thursday Jesse Young was charged with causing unnecessary pain and injury to a dog and breach of undertaking.

The maximum penalty for a conviction of causing unnecessary suffering, depending on how it works its way through the courts, is five years imprisonment.

Young will appear in The Pas court on August 2, 2016.

Manitoba Underdogs say her recover will be costly and a “huge drain on our finances.”

An 18-year-old has been charged after video captured Asha being thrown several feet in the air. Wather Bernal

The group also says cases like this aren’t uncommon — just this past weekend they brought in 3 new rescue jobs.

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At the Humane Society they receive 60-70 calls per year about animal assaults. Usually between 5 and 10 of those cases end up being serious.

“We really do rely on information from the public to report these situations so we can deal with them,” Heather Neil with the Humane Society said.

The rescue group says Asha won’t be available for adoption for months and is asking people to “show their love and support through a donation.”

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