City councillor wants Winnipeg to have self-driving vehicles

Winnipeg city councillor Matt Allard is asking the civil service to study the potential impacts of widespread adoption of self-driving vehicle technology on Winnipeg roads. Rudi Pawlychyn / Global News

WINNIPEG — St. Boniface Councillor, Matt Allard is calling for a study on adopting self-driving vehicle technology in Winnipeg.

“Self-driving vehicles may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but the truth is is that self-driving cars have already been on Winnipeg streets, car companies are investing heavily in research, and some are expected to be commercially available by 2020,” Allard said in a media release Tuesday.

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Allard said he’s reached out to experts from automotive industry and city planning staff in other Canadian municipalities. Other major Canada cities have initiated studies, such as Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.

“Winnipeg needs to begin considering the best ways to maximize the benefits of this technology for the city and its economy while mitigating potential negative impacts,” said Allard.

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The motion will come to Riel Community Committee on July 29, where Allard will ask for it to be referred to the Executive Policy Committee.

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