Eyelash curler nightmare: Woman’s sneeze leaves her lashless

Imgur user Amjohnson says she sneezed while using an eyelash curler, ripping out a chunk of lashes. imgur/Amjohnson

The pain of beauty is real ladies (and fabulous men). Brace yourself for the images you’re about to see.

A woman has posted photos online of a tragic eyelash curler incident, warning of the dangers of sneezing while doing your makeup.

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Reddit user Aub3912 says she sneezed mid-curl, and ripped out a chunk of her lashes in the process. She posted photos online of the aftermath, and the offending eyelash curler, loaded with the lashes.


While this looks horrific, the woman said on Reddit that it felt even worse.

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“I really thought I ripped my eyelid in half.”

The comment section was filled with questions, sympathy, and even some helpful advice.

“You couldn’t feel it coming?” asked one commenter, of the sneeze.

“You’ve got a lot of wishes coming your way,” commented another.

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“Make sure your eyelid is ALWAYS clean. Now that those holes are exposed, bacteria can get in there and cause a whole slew of problems,” wrote one commenter.

“Probably easier to look on the bright side without all those lashes getting in the way…” wrote another.

One Redditer even shared her own miserable eyelash curling mishap.


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Beauty related injuries are not uncommon: one study counted more than 100,000 hair care product-related injuries in a five year period in the United States.

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The bulk of the injuries (78 per cent) involved a curling iron and 70 per cent of the victims were female.