Prominent Quebec lawyer to attend breed-specific legislation rally

Click to play video: 'Fighting the ban on pitbulls' Fighting the ban on pitbulls
WATCH ABOVE: Montreal lawyer Anne-France Goldwater drops by Global News Morning to discuss the call for a breed-specific ban on pit bulls after a series of incidents across Quebec – Jul 6, 2016

MONTREAL – With Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume backing off on a proposed pit bull ban, some Châteauguay residents are hoping for the same from their mayor.

A rally to fight breed specific legislation is set to take place in the south shore suburb on July 11, and people taking part insist it’s being planned to overlap with the city’s town hall meeting.

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The group will be receiving some extra help in getting their voices heard.

Attorney and animal rights advocate Anne-France Goldwater will be taking part in the breed specific legislation rally.

Goldwater insisted  the only way to get politicians’ attention on an issue is to show them votes are at stake.

“Politicians react when they know there are votes involved,” Goldwater said.

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“They don’t react to science and logic. So, I want to show them that they’re going to lose a lot of votes.”

In the summer of 2015, Châteauguay Mayor Nathalie Simon agreed to review the municipality’s pit bull ban.

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Goldwater said she will look to challenge the legislation if the city doesn’t come up with a resolution.

“Although I promote public safety and public health and the health of all our dogs and I promote public education as well, what I will not stand for is breed-specific legislation,” she said.

Goldwater questions how Quebec legislation could oust a specific type of dog.

“If our provincial legislation says we must take care of our companion animals, how can we at the same time try to legislate those animals out of existence?” Goldwater asked.

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