Boy in hospital after falling out of window in Surrey

Another warning about keeping children safe near windows
WATCH: Another child has been rushed to hospital after falling out of a second storey window in Surrey. Thankfully, this time the two year old will recover. Rumina Daya explains what likely saved his life and what children can do to protect their children.

A little boy remains in hospital after he fell out a window Sunday night in Surrey.

Crews responded to a call from the Johnson Heights neighbourhood at about 10 p.m.

The young boy was rushed to Royal Columbian Hospital and fortunately he will be OK.

It’s the circumstances around the fall that likely saved him from serious injury, or even death, as bushes and woodchips were outside the window where the boy fell.

The toddler’s grandmother says she was only gone for a few seconds when the boy managed to open the window.

Officials say parents can buy locking devices or re-arrange their furniture to prevent a fall.

Late last month, a four-year-old boy died when he fell out a window in Langley.

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