Jon Snow’s father: ‘Game of Thrones’ confirms character’s lineage

Jon Snow
Kit Harington stars as Jon Snow in the Season 6 finale of 'Game of Thrones.'. HBO

** WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD if you haven’t seen the Season 6 finale of ‘Game of Thrones’ **

After the Season 6 finale, Game of Thrones fans were left with many questions, the most burning of which involved main character Jon Snow (played by Kit Harington).

It seems like GoT fans always have some unresolved issues with Jon Snow, whose lineage has always been a mystery. Long called a “bastard” by pretty much everyone in the GoT universe, viewers finally got a modicum of satisfaction when it was revealed that Lyanna Stark (sister to Ned Stark) is, in fact, Jon Snow’s mother.

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But the finale didn’t reveal his other half, leaving audiences buzzing about possibilities. Now HBO and the show itself have released an infographic showcasing the connections between Ned and his “promise” to keep Jon Snow safe — revealing that Rhaegar Targaryen is definitively his father. (Due to copyright, we can’t share it with you here, but check it out on HBO’s Making Game of Thrones site.)

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And what about that faint whisper, when Lyanna is saying the newborn Jon’s “real” name? It’s practically impossible to hear, but one theory making the rounds is that Lyanna is saying “Jaehaerys,” the name of two previous Targaryen kings. If Jon’s first name is Jaehaerys, and Ned needed to shield his identity, “Jon” is a good abbreviation.

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Jon Snow is a bastard no more — at least to us. Thank you, HBO, for not leaving us with that question for 10 months, when Game of Thrones returns for its seventh (and second-last) season.