Langley homeowner shares footage of alleged thief during open house

Click to play video: 'Robbed during an open house' Robbed during an open house
ABOVE: A warning tonight for people selling their homes. As John Hua reports, some of those among the throngs who've come to walk through your home might have larceny, not real estate on their minds – Jun 20, 2016

Even in Metro Vancouver’s super-heated real estate market, holding an open house can be a necessary part of selling your home.

But lately that seems to be an invitation for thieves.

A Langley homeowner is sharing surveillance video showing a man and a woman looking through a room  in a house that is up for sale.

One of the suspected thieves looks like the same woman allegedly doing the same thing during a recent open house in Surrey.

“We’ve been broken into, a different house, but we’ve been broken into before when we weren’t home,” said homeowner Rudy Vanrookhyuzen.

“That is a violation feeling. Here, you invite people in, you trust them and then they come in and they steal from you. They’re taking advantage of your generosity. You can’t charge them with trespassing because you let them in here and if it wasn’t for the camera I wouldn’t have known anything was stolen.”

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“And I think that might happen more often than not – things taken during open houses.”

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