Quebec premier condemns culprits who left pig’s head at Islamic centre

Investigation launched after gift-wrapped pig head delivered to Islamic centre
WATCH ABOVE: Quebec City police are investigating after a severed pig head was delivered to an Islamic cultural centre in Sainte-Foy. As Raquel Fletcher reports, it is not the first time the centre has been targeted.

QUEBEC CITY — Quebec’s premier has blasted the delivery of a gift-wrapped pig’s head to a Quebec City mosque over the weekend as “despicable.”

“It’s something that should be condemned very, very strongly which I’m doing today. It’s despicable,” said Premier Philippe Couillard Monday in response to the vandalism.

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Police are still searching for suspects involved in delivering the pig’s head to the Centre Culturel Islamique de Quebec in the neighbourhood of Sainte-Foy.

A pig’s skull, wrapped up like a gift basket was dropped off Saturday night at the centre with an anonymous card that read “bonne appetit.”

“As you know, we don’t eat pork,” said Mohamed Yangui, the centre’s president.

The pig is even more offensive as it’s currently Ramadan, the month Muslims consider sacred.

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“It’s a bit difficult and heartbreaking to see that,” he said.

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Police say they’re still looking for suspects – and any witnesses. For the time being, they don’t know if they should classify this as a hate crime or harassment.

WATCH: Police in Quebec City are investigating after someone placed a severed pig’s head in front of a Sainte-Foy Islamic centre.
RAW: Gift-wrapped pig’s head left outside Quebec City mosque
RAW: Gift-wrapped pig’s head left outside Quebec City mosque

Yangui said there have been other similar incidents. Twice the centre has been the victim of graffiti. Once, someone posted a hateful message on the front door.

“We’re more or less used to this type of thing,” he said, adding it’s never repetitive, but isolated incidents do occur.