Bear cub OK after pole-climbing escapade in B.C.

WATCH: A black bear cub climbed up a power pole near Port Hardy on Saturday and had to be coaxed down by a BC Hydro crew.

PORT HARDY, B.C. – A baby bruin with a penchant for poles picked the wrong one near Port Hardy, on northern Vancouver Island.

But the curious cub will be OK after reconsidering its perilous perch.

BC Hydro has released video of trained technicians trying to coax the black bear off the 15-metre power pole on Saturday.

There was concern that the bear could contact the 25,000 volt line at the top of the pole, and so crews shut off the electricity while a rescue effort was underway.

Fortunately, the cub decided to scamper down the pole and ran off into the bush, unharmed.

About 450 customers around Port Hardy put up with a 10-minute outage while the power was cut, but electricity was restored after the bear was safe.

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