Controversial pro-life flag flying at Prince Albert, Sask. city hall

Petition calls for controversial pro-life flag flying at Prince Albert, Sask. city hall to be taken down. Devin Sauer / Global News

A petition demanding the removal of a controversial city-approved flag outside Prince Albert city hall has been signed by over 300 hundred people. The flag, which depicts a cartoon fetus and the words “please let me live” was raised Monday to celebrate life week.

The group calling for its removal says a public service should not endorse a pro-life message, citing Prince Albert’s own flag policy.

“It’s concerning when an official body portrays a flag like this because it’s perceived as an endorsement,” said Emma Anderson, who is organizing a protest.

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But the Celebrate Life group says their hope is to provide information to pregnant women.

“Many times women do not choose abortion because they want to, they choose it because they have no other choice,” said Dorothy Kawula, a Prince Albert right to life event coordinator.

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“This week allows the awareness to come out that ‘hey maybe we need to be supporting the women who are facing these choices.’”

A protest rally is being held outside Prince Albert city hall Thursday afternoon.

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