Workplace injuries down in Saskatchewan; 4th highest injury rate in Canada

WCB said on the job injuries resulting in time loss has dropped to 2.07 per cent. Christa Dao / Global News

REGINA – Workplace injuries are down according to the 2015 Workers Compensation Board’s (WCB) Annual Report.

WCB said on-the-job injuries resulting in time loss has dropped to 2.07 per cent. It’s the lowest rate in over two decades.

Last year, the board also saw over 25-thousand accepted injury claims.

Some industries that saw the most injuries were trucking, manufacturing, and health care.

The board said it is targeting certain sectors to help bring their rates down.

“Together with our partners of occupational health and safety, we’re engaging in targeted inspections where we show up to see if they’re in violation of safety regulations,” WCB CEO Peter Federko explained.

Workplace injuries have been on a decline since 2002.

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The province has moved up to having the fourth highest injury rate in the country. It’s progress, up from having the second highest injury rate in 2013.

“We have engaged in dozens of partnerships with employers with employer groups, labour groups, to promote this within their particular communities,” Federko said.

“[It’s] an accumulative effect of more momentum in this province with respect to injury prevention”.

WCB said it will continue to work towards reaching Mission: Zero, which is to eliminate all workplace injuries.


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