Deputy city manager no longer working for the City of Regina

Brent Sjoberg out as Regina’s Deputy City Manager, no plans to find replacement

REGINA – The City of Regina announced Friday that former Deputy City Manager/Chief Operations Officer Brent Sjoberg is no longer working for the city.

City Manager Chris Holden also added that the vacated role will not be filled and Sjoberg’s jobs will be redistributed to existing roles.

“Strong organizations require a strong and unified leadership team,” Holden who took on the City Manager role on March 1, said.

“The effectiveness of an organization is directly impacted by leadership from the senior level.”

Sjoberg served as senior leader since 2007 and was hired by the former city manager.

“The changes are designed to build a stronger leadership team – a team that will strengthen collaboration across the entire organization, is more empowered, promotes strategic long-range planning and serves citizens well,” Holden said.

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“The leadership team and I care deeply and are committed to our organization, our employees and our community.”

As deputy city manager, Sjoberg made just under $260,000 last year on salary. Holden said it is still being determined how that money will be reallocated.

Sjoberg said he wasn’t entirely shocked when he found out Thursday would be his last day on the job, and had a feeling something like this was coming.

“When I wasn’t successful with the new city manager opportunity over the last number of months… sometimes these things happen,” he explained.

“When you bring in a new head coach sometimes you don’t always keep the old one around. That’s the way these things work sometimes, and for now I’m just looking for the ext opportunity.”

Sjoberg had a key role in the development of the new Mosaic Stadium in Regina.