No recounts after provincial election: Elections Saskatchewan

Elections Saskatchewan said there will be no automatic recounts following the Saskatchewan provincial election on April 4. File / Global News

REGINA – Elections Saskatchewan says there will be no automatic recounts after the Saskatchewan election.

On Monday, Elections Saskatchewan posted the final ballot count of the April 4th election online and determined no provincial constituencies met the requirements for an automatic recount.

A candidate or business manager can ask for an automatic recount if two candidates with the most votes have the same number of votes after the final vote count.

They can also ask for one if a candidate has won by a margin of victory that is less than the total number of all unopened ballot envelopes, ballots objected to and rejected ballots.

In both of those cases, the recount would be granted automatically.

Candidates or business managers have until April 26 to submit a request for a recount that would have to be approved by a judge.

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After former Saskatchewan NDP Leader Cam Broten lost his seat to the Saskatchewan Party candidate David Buckingham by 200 votes, there was speculation of a judicial recount.

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However, Broten stepped down as leader on April 11.

Elections Saskatchewan said a total of 434, 244 ballots were cast in the provincial, representing 57.8 per cent of registered voters.

The preliminary results did not include hospital and remand centre votes or absentee ballots from mail-in voters.

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