Why a popular beauty blogger is telling women to shave their faces

Would you try this beauty regimen?.
Would you try this beauty regimen?. Huda Beauty, YouTube

Marilyn Monroe apparently shaved her face. So did Elizabeth Taylor. And now beauty blogger Huda Kattan is dropping their names to get more women onto the face-shaving bandwagon.

The Dubai-based and Hollywood-trained celebrity makeup artist posted a YouTube video this week called “Why Shaving Your Face is Awesome!

In it, she shaves off baby hairs along her hairline while explaining that taking a razor to your face will help makeup go on more smoothly.

“I have lasered areas that have slightly thicker hair, and [definitely] recommend that for areas around the mouth and chin, and side burns,” she wrote in the description of her now-viral video.

“But if you have areas where the hair is super thin and more like peach fuzz, you may find this is your best bet!”

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She’s not the only one to push this beauty routine, which is essentially a form of extreme exfoliating.

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Dermaplaning, a service offered by skin care professionals, is pretty much the same thing — except it costs more and it’s performed in an office with a scalpel blade.

A New York Times article last summer said “Kate Somerville, a celebrity facialist whose long list of Hollywood clients includes Jessica Alba and Debra Messing … lathers up with her own brand of face wash and, using a Gillette Mach3, the men’s razor, proceeds to shave her face.”

Women worried about turning into a woolly mammoth if they start to shave their face may find comfort in this: “It is definitely a myth that shaving will make the hair coarser or darker.”

That’s according to a dermatology professor’s quotes in the Times article. One of the commenters on Kattan’s YouTube video isn’t convinced.

“Don’t do this,” she pleaded. “I had a facial and had a few peach fuzz on my face… The woman told me with ‘planing’ it wouldn’t grow back in more areas or thicker.

“I literally now have peach fuzz in areas I didn’t have it before. It’s noticeable when I wear foundation or if I’m in bright sunlight but I will not ever let them plane my face during a facial ever again.

“Ladies, it will become something that is tedious and it will grow back thicker.”

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Kattan says in her video that the way to avoid that is to shave your face when it’s dry.

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