Spring 2016 makeup trends – and how to achieve the look

Click to play video 'How to freshen up your look with makeup this spring' How to freshen up your look with makeup this spring
WATCH: Makeup artist Karen Malcolm-Pye joins Global Calgary with ideas on how to freshen up your look with makeup this spring – Apr 12, 2016

CALGARY – Glowing summer skin and tinted lips have dominated spring runways this year. Global Calgary spoke with makeup artist Karen Malcolm-Pye to find out how can you achieve the look – and the best beauty products to invest in for spring 2016.

Step 1: Apply sunscreen

“One of the big trends we’re seeing this particular spring is a lot about skin,” Malcolm-Pye explained.

To help you achieve a healthy glow, Malcom-Pye suggests purchasing a high-quality sunscreen like Revoderm.

“What is different about this particular sunscreen – and why I like it – is because it doesn’t have all those chemicals that most sunscreens tend to have,” Malcom-Pye said. “You can use this as a primer for your makeup, you can mix it with your liquid foundation.”

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Step 2: Apply bronzer

“Bronzer is always a big part of the big spring trend for makeup,” Malcolm-Pye said.

She recommends trying Fusion Beauty’s GlowFusion Intuitive Active Bronzer.

“Why I really like about this is it has an illuminating factor,” Malcolm-Pye said. “You can also use it all over your skin to really warm up your skin, give yourself that nice glow for spring.”

Step 3: Rosy red or burgundy lips

“What is a lot different this spring is that we’re seeing red transition right through into spring from winter,” Malcolm-Pye said.

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One of Malcolm-Pye’s favourite lipsticks is Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in True Red.

She said wine-coloured lips are also hot this season, but can be hard to wear.

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As such, her recommendation for this perticular trend it to try Mèreadesso Tinted Lip Treats in Sheer Budgendy.

“It’s a way to choose this plum, wine lip for spring – but it gives you more of a wash of colour.”