Recipe: Sakura rolls

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Saturday Chefs: Sakura Roll – Apr 9, 2016

Executive Sushi Chef Kazuhiro Hayashi of Minami shows us how to make a Sakura roll

Minami Sakura Roll

Snow Crab with Japanese Mayo
Two stems of asparagus
1 bundle of spinach
Kanpachi Sashimi, thinly sliced
Sakura Salt
Sakura Denbu (dried Japanese white fish)
One Cup Sushi Rice
Sheet of Nori
Sakura blossoms
Raspberry puree

Put rice evenly on nori.
Flip over and evenly place the snow crab filling on first, the spinach, and then the asparagus.
Roll to the end to give you a nice and flush look.
Place the sliced Kanpachi sashimi on top.
Cut into eight even pieces. Garnish with the raspberry sauce and Sakura blossom.

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