Shubenacadie Sam finds himself on wrong side of the law in April Fools prank

Shubenacadie Sam was arrested for public mischief on April 1, 2016 after RCMP say he falsely predicted an early spring. Nova Scotia RCMP

Nova Scotia RCMP pulled an April Fools Day prank by issuing a press release claiming they had arrested Shubenacadie Sam on Friday.

After an extensive investigation, the RCMP said, they have arrested what they are calling a “sneaky rodent” for public mischief at the Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park.

RCMP arrested the little weather critter on Friday morning after receiving complaints of public mischief.

You see, on Groundhog Day, Shubenacadie Sam predicted that we would have an early spring, and not see six more weeks of winter.

The RCMP say that based on the forecast to date, Sam’s prediction was false.

“We take these complaints very seriously,” said Const. Dal Hutchinson.

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RCMP say they’ve been working with the Department of Natural Resources to have Sam turn himself in, but when they learned he was avoiding police, they showed up at his burrow to cuff him.

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Sam is now in police custody and is scheduled to appear in Shubenacadie provincial court Friday morning.

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