Edmonton Catholic Schools approves $425M plan for 9 new schools, renovations to 10 others

Marilyn Bergstra, Chair of the Edmonton Catholic School Board. Global News

EDMONTON — Nine new schools and renovations to 10 existing schools are planned for the Edmonton Catholic School District after its 2017-2020 capital plan was approved Thursday.

The work, which also includes two partnership programs, comes with a price tag of $425 million.

A major modernization and addition to Ben Calf Robe Elementary/Junior High School in the city’s northeast is listed as priority number one for 2017. The work is pegged at $18 million.

New K-6 schools in Ellerslie and the Meadows round out the top three on the list of priorities for 2017. Those projects would cost $25.5 million each. (See the complete list of projects below).

“The demand for new schools to address growth pressures in our suburban communities continues to increase,” board chair Marilyn Bergstra said, adding the pressures are particularly critical in the southwest and southeast parts of the city.

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On top of the new schools and renovation work, the capital plan includes two partnership projects – a high school completion centre in Rosenthal and a Grades 9-12 collegiate school for science, technology and the trades in partnership with NAIT.

“We believe that new schools and two innovative partnership projects are essential in meeting the future needs of our students,” superintendent Joan Carr said. “Offering these programs helps our students achieve their goals and plan for their future.”

The three-year plan breaks down as follows:

Year one: 2017-18

  • New K-6 school in the Orchards at Ellerslie
  • New K-6 school in the Meadows
  • New K-9 school in Windermere/Keswick
  • New K-6 school in Secord/Rosenthal
  • Modernization and addition at Ben Calf Robe Elementary/Junior High
  • Modernization at Austin O’Brien Senior High School

Year two: 2018-19

  • Modernization at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Elementary/Junior High
  • Modernization at Ecole ST. Angela Elementary School
  • Modernization at St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School
  • Modernization at Ecole Holy Cross Elementary/Junior High School

Year three: 2019-20

  • New 7-9 school in Rapperswill
  • New K-6 in Horse Hill
  • New K-6 in Griesbach
  • New K-9 in Riverview
  • New K-6 in Big Lake-Starling
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