Manitoba Election 2016: Fort Rouge riding

Summary: This riding has no incumbent MLA after the departure of NDP cabinet minister Jennifer Howard, part of the ‘rebel five’ who spoke out against Greg Selinger. Manitoba Liberal leader Rana Bokhari will try to claim a seat for the Liberals while Wab Kinew, considered to be a “star candidate” for the NDP, will attempt to take it for his own party.

Boundaries: Fort Rouge is surrounded by the River Heights riding to the west, Fort Garry – Riverview to the south, St Boniface to the west and Wolseley to the north. The Assiniboine River follows the northern border of the riding while the Red River runs along the eastern. Carter Avenue follows the south boundary while Guelph and Wilton Streets run down the eastern border.

Last Election: Former NDP MLA Jennifer Howard took the seat with 50 per cent of the votes. Grouped closely together at second and third were the Liberal and Progressive Conservatives candidates with 22 and 20 per cent respectively.

History: The Fort Rouge riding was held by the Liberals from 1973 to 1979 and again in 1988. The NDP have held the riding from 1999 until 2011. During the 2015 federal election this area voted heavily for the Liberals,which might play into the provincial election.


NDP: Wab Kinew, journalist and broadcaster 

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Progressive Conservative: Audrey Gordon, manager at WRHA

Liberal: Rana Bokhari, Manitoba Liberal Party leader

Green: Grant Sharp

Manitoba Party: Matthew Ostrove

Communist Party of Canada – Manitoba: Paula Ducharme

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