Caught on camera: Easter bunny drops gloves with dad at mall photo booth

Click to play video: 'Easter bunny fights dad at New Jersey mall'
Easter bunny fights dad at New Jersey mall
WATCH ABOVE: Police say a mall Easter bunny and a father got into a scuffle after the man's child slipped from a chair while getting her photo taken – Mar 21, 2016

Mall-goers at Newport Center in New Jersey captured video of a man dressed as the Easter bunny involved in a fight on Sunday.

Cellphone footage posted to social media shows the man dressed in the bushy tailed costume, but missing the familiar rabbit head, throwing punches at another individual near an area set up to take photos with the Easter bunny.

The two men were separated momentarily, but the video shows the Easter bunny throwing off his furry white gloves to engage in another round of fighting.

“The Easter Bunny throwin’ hands,” the man recording the video is heard saying.

The two men are seen falling to the ground, and a third man and a woman are recorded kicking at the man dressed as the rabbit.

“He curb stomped him,” the video-taker is heard saying.

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Moments later mall security rushed the two men.

City spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill says the father of a one-year-old verbally and physically attacked the 22-year-old who was playing the role of Easter bunny after the girl slipped from the chair where the photos were being taken. Morrill says both men were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

It is unknown if the mall has fired the employee dressed as the Easter bunny, or if it will go ahead with the remainder of its planned events.

The mall was encouraging shoppers to take part in their ‘Follow The Bunny – Easter Photo Experience‘ on Twitter.

“When you visit The Bunny, no words are needed,” reads the mall’s website. “He’s fluent in smiles and hugs! Children can stop by the Easter Bunny set to have their fun moment with Easter Bunny captured forever with keepsake photos.”

The video and photos circulating online since Sunday are likely not the “keepsake photos” Newport Center was hoping for.

Here is a collection of other photos capturing the bad-boy-bunny.

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