Quebec families see partial reduction in 2015 daycare tax hike

Quebec budget: Families see partial reduction in daycare tax
WATCH ABOVE: Families will now see a 50 per cent reduction in last year's daycare tax hike, but only if they have more than one child. The Liberal government implemented an additional contribution in 2015, depending on family income. As Raquel Fletcher reports, public dislike of this move may have convinced the government to relax the burden on families.

QUEBEC CITY – The finance minister said he wishes he could give more to Quebec families.

“We would like to go further than that and if the economic conditions next year allow us to go further, we will go further,” said Carlos Leitao after presenting the 2016/2017 Quebec provincial budget.

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There were no major tax cuts announced. One of the most significant breaks is in daycare for families with multiple children. The government is reducing the additional contribution for daycare for the second child by 50 per cent and bigger families will receive a further reduction with a fixed rate of $7.55 for 2016.

One of Quebec’s largest daycare associations, AQCPE, says they are happy with the move and the reimbursement some parents will receive. However, they hope it means the government will eventually get rid of the sliding scale.

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AQCPE’s director general implied there was a political reason for the break in daycare fees.

“Public rallying and the arrival of the new family minister, Sébastien Proulx, certainly had a role to play in this decision,” Louis Senécal said in a press release.

The opposition parties say this break is little relief while the cost of living soars.

Parents won’t need to do any additional calculations. Revenu Quebec will process tax returns to include any reimbursements.

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