Embattled Community Living BC pays out big wage hikes to management

Last year, there was a large public outcry when Global BC reported that the CLBC was closing group homes and cutting services to people with developmental disabilities, even as it paid performance bonuses to senior executives.

The social development minister then announced that those bonuses would not be paid after all.

However, those bonuses have not been eliminated. They’ve simply been rolled into the executive’s base pay, eight months later after the dust settled.

Big wage increases have been doled out: almost 10% for top management, and 5% for directors and managers.

The bonuses were withdrawn because the managers hadn’t performed, but just over half a year later, big pay increases have taken their place.


The 61 CLBC managers are getting wage increases retroactive to April.

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3 vice presidents who lost their 10% bonuses are getting raises of 9.66%.

58 directors and managers who lost 5% bonuses get 4.96% wage increases.

The taxpaying public might ask the question if the government and its managers are suppose to lead by example.

“At time when everyone else is getting zero, zero and zero, people are shaking their head wondering what this government is doing,” says Mike Farnworth, NDP MLA and opposition health critic.

Late last year, the scandal rocked the Liberal government for weeks. The rights of some of the most vulnerable members of B.C. had been trampled on.

At the same time, Community Living BC had paid 61 members of the management team big bonuses, despite the fact many of its developmentally disabled clients were not getting service.

Programs they depended on were being cut, and people were being forced out of group homes into cheaper housing.

At the height of the scandal, the Premier fired the Minister in charge and the CEO was sacked.