‘Go to Auschwitz’: Trump supporter to protesters outside Ohio rally

‘Go to Auschwitz’: Trump supporter to protesters outside Ohio rally
WATCH: Responding to the "Stop Trump" calls of demonstrators outside a Donald Trump rally in Cleveland Saturday, one apparent Trump supporter tells protesters to go to "Go to Auschwitz."

An apparent Donald Trump supporter was caught on camera shouting “Go to Auschwitz” at protesters outside the Republican presidential candidate’ rally in Cleveland over the weekend.

Uploaded to Facebook and YouTube by Kyle Bogden, the video shows a mustachioed man, wearing a backwards ball cap, responding to the “Stop Trump” calls of demonstrators saying, “Go to Auschwitz. Go to f—king Auschwitz,” as he walks by.

That wasn’t the only incident caught on the video at the Saturday event.

Moments after the Auschwitz comment, as attendees exited the venue carrying “Stand With Trump” placards, a woman among the protesters can be heard arguing with another Trump supporter and seeming to call the man a racist.

The incidents happened a day after a Trump rally in Chicago was called off at the last minute over “safety concerns” amid chaotic scenes inside and outside the University of Illinois Chicago Pavilion.

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Over the weekend, Trump blamed supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for the disruption of his Friday night event, ahead of several key primary races set for Tuesday — including Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and the winner-take-all races in Florida and Ohio.

“Get your people in line, Bernie,” Trump said at a separate event Saturday in Dayton, Ohio, referring to the Chicago demonstrators “Bernie’s crowd” and referred to social-democrat Sanders as “our communist friend.”

In a tweet, Trump warned he would send his supporters to Sanders events.

The billionaire candidate has been accused of fuelling racism with his rhetoric and Trump opponents have grown increasingly irate over what they see as inflammatory comments against everyone from Mexican immigrants to Muslims.

He has also earned the support of former Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon David Duke and, according to a New York Times article, nearly 20 per cent of his supporters weren’t in favour of the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, which abolished slavery and liberated black slaves in the South.

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Trump has also been repeatedly compared to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, a comparison that wasn’t helped by a March 5 image of Trump supporters in Orlando raising their right hands to swear they would vote in the Florida primary.

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Huffington Post editor Jane Velencia suggested the image “mirrored scenes of Hitler addressing crowds in Nazi Germany and performing the Nazi salute — a raised right hand.”

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