Drivers warned construction work on the Burrard Corridor to begin next month

WATCH: The $35 million project to retrofit Vancouver's Burrard Bridge is about to get underway. Tanya Beja explains how long the work will take, and what changes are being made.

There is a warning for drivers who spend a lot of time on Vancouver’s Burrard Corridor.

In less than two weeks, an 18-month-long construction project will begin, but some prep work is already causing problems.

The work on the actual bridge span does not begin until May.

The Burrard Bridge is more than 80 years old and the city says major repairs are needed.

The project involves building another bike lane, suicide barriers, replacement of aging sewer and water infrastructure, and safety improvements at the Burrard and Pacific intersection, the second highest collision location in the city.

People will also be able to walk on both sides of the bridge again when a northbound travel lane on the centre portion of the bridge will be converted and the bridge will be widened at the Pacific intersection.

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Work has already begun and is causing some problems. Power was knocked out at the north end of the bridge on Monday and police were called to direct traffic.

While the bridge will still be accessible, the city says delays should be expected.

Drivers are frustrated, saying they can’t catch a break in this city.

“I think the mayor hates cars, that’s it,” one driver told Global News. “They contribute all of the money and get none of the respect.”

Another driver says it’s great to have a green city, but city officials shouldn’t forget about drivers.