Waverley Underpass project gets green light from Winnipeg city council

Sean Leslie/Global News

WINNIPEG — The Waverley underpass is back on the rails after city council voted in favour of funding their share of the project.

It means the city will move ahead with the $155-million project that would see an underpass built beneath the train tracks on Waverley St. just south of Taylor Ave.

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Federal and provincial funding has already been secured.

The project was moved to the top of the city’s list of priority infrastructure projects last year but has recently met with opposition at City Hall.

Earlier this year, councillors argued a provincial task force on rail line relocation should be allowed to do its job before the Waverley project was approved.

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Then others balked at what they felt was a lack of information about the project being given to councillors.

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However, today’s vote means the project will go ahead despite those objections.

Construction is expected to begin next year.

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